Ladies Committee

This is an age group of 45 years and over.  This committee is responsible for all the ladies in our Parish.  They always assemble socially through the events they organise throughout the year.  Ladies Committee organises Mother’s day brunch, including event ticket and ruffle sales, collecting donations, organising entertainments for all mothers attending the event and emphasising the importance of a mother role within a Christian family.

As for Christmas, the Ladies Committee distinguishes the season with a Christmas fair.  Handmade crafts, handmade wood icons, confectionery and home cooked cakes dominating the hall near the Church.  People attend the fair from all backgrounds.  The event always flares up an atmosphere of gaiety and contagious happiness between all attendees.


Choir Committee

The Church Choir unfolds talents and encourages the younger generation to pray and sing  our Traditional Maronite Hymns that crowns our Sunday masses.

Every Christmas is a  very special one. Young children choir joins force with adult choir and sweeps away guests attending the Christmas Carols that takes place December time.  The Sundays and special Feasts are always  a distinctive success for our adult and young choir groups.


Fraternity Committee


Fraternity of The Immaculate Conception is the group that ensures the well being of our Church, the pulse of our Lebanese Maronite community and the right hand of the appointed priest in the LMO mission in UK. 


They are the group responsible for decorating and organising our Church all year long.  They organise and plan the celebrations of our Roman Catholic Calendar feasts days.


St Joseph's Committee

The purpose of this group is to educate Families on how to enhance their relationship as parents with their children, tackle acute problems they face on daily basis and how to maintain their Maronite heritage and Catholic religion within their families and extended families.

Every Monday, the group gathers with new topics to be debated, new worries to be discussed and new experiences to be shared.  Meetings are administered by the incumbent whom develops the objective of the group and create sessions on Bible studies and ameliorates the understanding of the Maronite Liturgy for a better worship engagement during mass. 


St Charbel's Committee

St Charbel’s Family is a reflection of the prayer group in Lebanon, meets every 22nd of the month, Adoration of the Eucharist, procession of St Charbel's Relics, and discussing different topics in order to gain a deeper understanding of our faith. 


The Church opens its doors from 16:00 until 20:00 on every 22nd of each month.


Youth Committee

Our Youth is the Lebanese Maronites future reserve whether in Lebanon or in other countries around the world.  Our focus is educating and attracting more youth under the protecting force and the influence of the Church. 

 St Charbel’s Youth group was founded to fulfil those purposes and to keep a strong bond between the adolescents of our community. 

The 19:00 hrs of Friday evenings is dedicated to St Charbel’s Youth meetings all year round.  The interesting topics and fruitful debates have been resounding in the community and our parish, resulting in more members joining the group every year.


Mass Timetable

Starting from Wednesday, 2nd of December 2020 

Wednesday - 19:00 hrs

Friday          - 19:00 hrs

Saturday      - 19:00 hrs

Sunday        - 11:30 am

                        19:00 hrs

Sunday        - 10:30 am

English Mass in Enfield

St Charbel's Day will be celebrated on the 22nd of each month

Continuous prayers from 17:30 hrs until 19:00 hrs followed by a Mass