In 1695 four men from Aleppo left their homes and sought to live the monastic life in Lebanon. Subsequently, these four men, with the permission of the Maronite Patriarch, went on to form their own monastic Order, The Lebanese Maronite Order, the first formal Order in the region. This mustard seed which was planted then grew into a large tree. Today, the Lebanese Maronite Order has 64 monasteries in Lebanon, and 20 monasteries in the diaspora. The Order places great emphasis on the traditional Syriac monastic life and pastoral service, and expresses such in granting most of its monks (approximately 350 today) the order of Priesthood, so as to serve in parishes within their monasteries or nearby villages. Based on the needs of the Lebanese community, in Lebanon and similarly abroad, the Order has opened various institutions, such as schools, universities, hospitals, etc.

Pilgrimage Trip to Italy
Due to the current Corona virus world crisis and the extreme safety measures that countries are implementing in order to delay the spread, we are sorry to announce that the pilgrimage for this year has been cancelled until further notice

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