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In 1974, following the Turkish invasion in Cyprus, a large number of the Cypriot Maronite community fled their country and found refuge in London.

The following year, 1975, saw the outbreak of war in Lebanon, and the latter led to the massive emigration of Lebanese Maronites to various parts of the world, including London. In 1983, the Lebanese Maronite Order opened its mission in London, and has been serving the growing community of Maronites, both Lebanese and Cypriot, ever since.


Mass Timetable

Wednesday - 19:00 hrs

Friday          - 19:00 hrs

Saturday      - 19:00 hrs

Sunday        - 10:00 am

                        19:00 hrs

Sunday        - 10:30 am

English Mass in Enfield

St Charbel's Day will be celebrated on the 22nd of each month

Continuous prayers from 17:30 hrs until 19:00 hrs followed by a Mass

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